Aubrey - Photographer & Director


Photography and film remain after family, guests and friends have left. Years down the line photography and film have to take you back to that special occasion. We consider it an honour to be part of that and certainly make it our pleasure to provide lasting memories for families to celebrate. We sincerely are focused on families and friends.


We are there the whole day. From the morning when the bride is looking forward to her big day, to her walking down the aisle with her father or mother or a loved one, and the groom with his groomsmen, to the first dance, we capture the day through photography and film in a way that tells the story for years to come for couples to relive "til death do them part".


The big question has just been asked. The answer is a big yes! We exist to capture such momentous milestones in life with bespoke photoshoots specifically designed to tell your story and reflect your personalities. Our pre-wedding photoshoots are also included in some of our wedding packages as a way of introducing our clients to the AlphaPaul way.

Families & Friends

The baby is having its first birthday. A couple celebrating 10 years together. The  announcement of a new baby and mums-to-be showing off their bump. These occasions are the reason we love doing what we do. We simply have a passion for giving families and friends memories to cherish for the rest of their lives and longer. 


Pictures are worth a thousand words and sometimes speak louder than what you can say yourself. We provide portrait portfolios for professionals to showcase your brand.